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To brexit or not to brexit? That is no longer the question.

Yes I have answer as to which way you should vote on Jun 23 and the reason why.
It is quite simple really. Essentially I am a science fiction writer, well I like to think I am, and usually I set my (short) stories in the near future. That is always risky as it takes me so long to get a story published (if it ever is) that those clever chaps, and chapesses, at Apple or Google, etc make the stories obsolete rather too quickly for my comfort.
However a few years ago Pendragon Press did publish my story ‘The Joy of Technology’ before any technical advances destroyed its premise. Pendragon published it as a chapbook and, though now out of print, it remains my solitary triumph as an actual ‘book’; stand alone, bound between covers, a spine, cover art a blurb and pages (admittedly not many) of text.
I have since self-published ‘Joy’ as an ebook and with some relevent ‘extras’. That was the origin of this blog and one place you can find the ebook version is here.
“What has all this to with Brexit?” you could be asking, having got this far. Surely that is obvious now.
I tend to worry about my stories becoming technically obsolescent but Brexit would make ‘Joy’ socially obsolescent. You wouldn’t want that. ‘Joy’ is set in a future where Britain is an EU member.

Yote Remain; to ensure my one published book is not outdated, outmoded and unread. Then buy the ebook to see the joys of membership to come.

Cover by Ben Baldwin
Cover by Ben Baldwin

PS I have no objection to you buying ‘Joy’ if you vote leave. In fact I urge you to do so to see what you may have prevented.

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Non “Joy of Technology” News

I have a non-fiction article, Why we are here? published in Sci Phi Journal #5.

New Scientist, 20 April 2006 issue contained Amanda Gefter’s piece ‘Exploring Stephen Hawking’s Flexiverse’. Quoting from that “The real lesson of these so-called singularity theorems is that the origin of the universe is a quantum event,”. My article, ‘Why we are here’, started there.

Sci Phi Journal’s website.

My story Neutrino C.A.T. was a free E book on the TTA Press’ E book sites Amazon, Smashwords and those linked to the latter; iBooks, B&N, Kobo etc.

Last year it was withdrawn by TTA so now I’ve used my latest technology to regenerate the E book republished it on the Roy Gray pages of Amazon and Smashwords. I made my own E Pub but I can’t find a way to post it here as an E book yet. Here is a direct link to the Smashwords edition and here to the Amazon.com and .uk editions. It is free on Smashwords.

Here is the cover image.

neutcat cov 2015   Cover for Neutrino C.A.T.

The following are originals of the images that contain the elements used to make the cover.


The Joy of Technology

Cover by Ben Baldwin
Cover by Ben Baldwin

by Roy Gray

I’m Roy Gray, and I wrote The Joy of Technology, you can see the cover above. In a technical sense, it’s rude and explicit—but, being science fiction (SF) there’s insufficient flesh-to-flesh contact to worry anyone.

There’s nothing new or different about a short story turned e-book or E book collections of short stories be they rather rude, somewhat explicit or otherwise.  The Joy of Technology Ebook is all of those plus more.

Originally a short story The Joy of Technology was published as a ‘chapbook’ by Pendragon Press in 2011. Now I’ve converted it into an e book and added the ‘DVD extras’ though, of course, there is no DVD with any downloadable e book – including this one.
Is it fiction or non-fiction? Is it a short story collection or a novel containing short stories? Is it all of those or none of those? Yes I think it is.

An important aspect of ‘creative writing’ is most of it never gets published and, while the proportions of published to unpublished may have changed with the advent of e books, blogs and social networks, I suspect that remains true. For every author who can make a success of their ‘shopping list’ there are hundreds who languish unknown, unread and unpublished.

I sit somewhere in that range, too close to the unknown pole for comfort, but at least someone found some of my work of value.

The Joy of Technology  was one of my few successes and now it’s a self published ebook. This blog is one of my ways of telling you about that e book version.

One further warning to ensure that readers are not misled about the nature of the story.
It was not written with any intention to offend anyone but the sexually explicit portions and language may have that effect. If you are likely to be offended by this type of material it would be wise to avoid going further.

I will try to keep this site completely inoffensive but remember offense is in the eye of the beholder. I have tried to ensure the free samples of the ebook do not contain any particularly ‘adult’ material.

I will be sorry if anyone buys Joy and then feels that the currency, time and/or effort they spent obtaining it was wasted. I would, of course, be even sorrier should any of those who then go on to read it feel the same. Either way one consolation may be that the single story The Joy of Technology that headlines the ebook is reasonably short and represents a larger proportion of author’s time than it does the reader’s.
The ‘DVD Extras’ also contain scenes, scenarios and language that may be objectionable to some readers. Again, if this is likely to offend you, do not download.

E book links itunes books, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk so far.