About the book and its author

The Joy of Technology by Roy Gray was published as an E book on 29 May 2014

Pendragon cover
Neil Williams’ original cover for the Pendragon Press Edition.

Originally my 12000 word short story The Joy of Technology was published in print as a ‘chapbook’ by Pendragon Press in 2011.

Sometime in the near future Dennis joins an organized coach trip from Stockport to a football match in Germany. They arrive in Dusseldorf with a few spare hours before the game starts and many of the men on the coach visit the red light district and a club called ‘Die Freuden der Technik’. (translates as The Joy of Technology)
The club has financial worries caused by its many local competitors and has engaged a choreographer to improve the show so they can attract and cater for groups like football fans.
The resulting show is too much for a teenager, internet savvy or not, and possibly for many readers.

This is science fiction and the original short story was first published in print as a chapbook; a single short story published as a, 40 page maximum, booklet. This E book is more than that short story and, along with the original story, the extra material may be offensive to some.

I am a less than prolific and far from successful science fiction author with few credits beyond a pair of short stories in Interzone magazine, a few more in short story anthologies and the aforementioned chapbook.

My ‘poetry’ is almost unknown and my scripts have never been dramatised in any form. According to Google there is another Roy Gray who writes erotic poetry and that is not me. My ‘poetry’ definitely does not fall into that category.

I was at school in Nottingham and Derbyshire in the 50’s and 60’s, at college in Brighton in the mid/late 60’s and worked for ICI/Zeneca/Astrazeneca until I took voluntary redundancy in 2001. Most of the latter period was spent at the Macclesfield site as a packaging technologist.

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I have converted the original short story ‘The Joy of Technology‘ into an e book. There are  ‘extras’ but  there is no DVD with this or any downloadable e book.

I want to ensure that readers are not misled about the nature of the E book’s contents.
It was not written with any intention to offend anyone but the sexually explicit portions and language may have that effect. If you are likely to be offended by this type of material it would be wise to avoid the book.

If you still want to read it then here are E book links you can use; Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk,   Barnes and Noble, itunes books, Smashwords and a lot more Amazons.

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